Outline of our Online Marathon Program

Every runner has their reason to run. We thought long and hard about how we could support our runners and their motivation for running under the current severe circumstances. After long and deep consideration, we decided to organize an “Online Marathon”.

“I run to improve my personal best.” “I run because I want to challenge myself and change.” “I run to show support to my hard-working daughter.” “I run as an oath to fight against my sickness.” “I run as a proof of my living.” --Every runner had a different story, but what they had in common was the positive energy to try the Nagoya Women’s Marathon for a better future. We have had 181,548 entries in the nine years of our history and received an overwhelming amount of passions and personal stories of runners for our race. Our only wish is to meet our runners’ expectations and support them fulfilling their dreams.

Our finisher items are now seen as one of the highlights of the Nagoya Women’s Marathon and have celebrated 138,707 women runners in the past eight years. They supported, encouraged, witnessed and became proof of our proud challengers. They have become a lifetime memory for the finishers, as well as a token of their confidence, power and pride.

We the Nagoya Women’s Marathon wish to continue to send cheers to our challengers. This online marathon program is our best possible way to show solidarity with our respected challengers in the current situation. We always wish to be at the side of joy and smiles of those who strive to reach their goals. We will continue to make the utmost effort to bring at least a part of the excitements they could have felt in Nagoya on race day and celebrate runners who have completed their journey and made their dream come true.

We would sincerely appreciate your understanding to this program.

[ Nagoya Women’s Online Marathon 2020: Event Outline ]
■Event Period:
From 13:00 on Sunday, March 8 (Japan time) to 23:59:59 on Sunday, May 31 (Japan time)
*In consideration of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus and differences in local climates across Japan and the world, we decided to extend the event period until May 31. Please choose a safe and secure environment and timing in your area when you participate in the program.

■Eligible Participants:
Registered participants of the Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2020 general category 

■How to Participate:
To ensure everyone’s participation and completion of the race, we decided to offer several options. Please run a distance of marathon (42.195 km) in one of the two ways described below.
1. Running App Type
Run a total distance of 42.195 km using a smartphone app to record the distance run.
*Participants may run the full distance at once or a divided distance for required times (10.5km for four times).
*Participants may choose between “Outdoor Mode” to run outside open space and “Indoor Mode” to run indoor using a treadmill. “Indoor Mode” requires a smartphone or smart watch that supports indoor running.
2. Self-Report Type
Submit a record of your running a total of 42.195 km to Organizer.
*Runners who do not have a smartphone can still participate in this option.

More details on the app and how to submit running records will be notified to all eligible runners by email on Friday, March 6. On the same day at noon (Japan time), a dedicated webpage of our online marathon program will be launched within the race official website.

■Finisher Items
Those who have reported their completion of a marathon in one of the two above options will receive the exclusive pendant of the Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2020 and other finisher items and be issued an online certificate of completion. They will also be granted access to a special website that commemorates marathon completion with exclusive contents that only finishers can see.
*Given the circumstances with the novel coronavirus, finisher items will be sent by mail after June 2020.

■Nagoya Women’s Online Marathon 2020 Terms of Participation
(Please read the following Terms of Participation carefully as you must accept them when registering to participate in our online marathon.)
1.	This event is not a race to compete for time. Run on your pace and do not try too hard.
2.	Follow traffic lights and all applicable traffic regulations including Road Traffic Act.
3.	To prevent the spread of infections of the novel coronavirus, avoid gathering together in a large group or running crowded areas such as downtown streets.
4.	For your safety, run inside athletic parks or riverside running trails as much as possible.
5.	Do not obstruct traffic or disturb public order.
6.	Portrait rights and rights to publish videos, photographs, articles and records during this event as well as participants’ names, portraits, ages and addresses (name of country, prefecture or city/ward/town/village) in TV, newspapers, magazines, websites, and etc. belong to Organizer.
7.	Organizer will not be held responsible for any injury, sickness, loss of personal belongings or accident during this event.
8.	Accident insurance of Organizer will not cover this event.
9.	Organizer will handle the personal information of participants in accordance with the laws and regulations related to personal information protection. Participants of this event are deemed to have agreed that their personal information will be used for notification of records and related information, provision of service from event sponsors, supporters and concerned organizations, publication of results, and etc. for the purpose of improving the quality of service.
10.	This event will be conducted in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Please note that the event contents are subject to change depending on future circumstances.

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