Event Name
Event Name Nagoya Women’s Wheelchair Marathon 2019
Organizers Aichi Prefecture, The Chunichi Shimbun
Co-Organizers Aichi Prefectural Board of Education, Nagoya City, Nagoya City Board of Education, Nagoya City Education and Sports Association
Support Japan Association of Athletics Federations (JAAF), Japanese Para-Sports Association, Japan Para Athletics, Aichi Sports Leader Association for the Disabled, Tokai Gakuen University, Nihon Fukushi University,
Managing Organization
Managing Organization The Aichi Association of Athletics
Sponsors Gold Sponsor: Nippon Menard Cosmetic Co.,Ltd
Silver Sponsor: New Balance Japan, Inc.
Event Women’s Quarter Marathon
Schedule Sunday, March 10th, 2019 Starting at 9:00 am
(Ten minutes before the start of Nagoya Women’s Marathon)
Course Quarter Marathon (10.5km)
Start: Nagoya Dome
Finish: Paloma Mizuho Stadium
Number of Participants
Number of Participants Limited number of athletes
Time limit
Time limit

45 minutes
※ The time limit is based on the starting gun.
※ The cut-off time is set due to traffic, security and event operation purposes. In addition to the determined cut-off points, the organizer may stop a runner when she is extremely behind in the race.

【Cut-off Time】(planned)

Place Distance from Start Cut-off Time
Ookute Intersection 3,005m 9:15
Sakurayama-cho 1 Intersection 5,030m 9:21
Mizuho Ward Office Intersection 6,425m 9:26

(1) Female athletes who are invited by the organizer in accordance with the standards specified separately.

(2) Female athletes who are capable of completing a 10km race within 40 minutes in a racing wheelchair.
・Japanese athletes: Wheelchair users who hold a physical disability certificate and are approved by the organizer.
・Foreign athletes: Wheelchair users who are approved by the organizer.

Entry Application
Entry Application

(1) Application Procedure
Fill in the entry form and send it along with a qualification record certificate to the application e-mail address below.

Application E-mail Address : run5@chunichi.co.jp

General Information of Nagoya Women’s Wheelchair Marathon
Application E-mail Address: run5@chunichi.co.jp

(2) Registration Period
From Wednesday, August 1th, 2018 to Wednesday, October 31th, 2018
※ All the applicants will be notified with their selection result via e-mail in the middle of November (tentative schedule).

(3) Precautions

① The organizer shall not be held responsible for any sickness, loss of personal belongings, or any other accident beyond the administration of emergency first-aid relief.
② All rights associated with the use of any videos, photographs, articles and records related to the event, including the names, age and addresses (country, prefecture or city) of participants and their likeness for coverage by TV, newspapers, magazines or the Internet, and all rights associated with the publicity based on the use thereof, shall belong to the organizer.
③ The event will take place in accordance with the race regulations specified separately by the organizer in addition to the mentioned above.

Entry Fee
Entry Fee

※Participants are responsible for other fees including transportation and accommodation.

Entry Registration
Entry Registration Participants will check-in on Saturday, March 9th, 2019 and receive a number bib etc.
※ No check-in is available on the event day (March 10th).
※ Details will be provided later by e-mail.
Awards Top 3 finishers
Special award ( Presentation site:Nagoya Dome)
※ Awards will be given based on the gross time from the starting gun.
Record Certificate
Record Certificate A record certificate will be mailed to every finisher after the event day. The certificate includes the official finish record (gross time), the actual time record from passing the start line to the finish line (net time), and split records taken at every 5 km checkpoint.
※ No results of the Quarter Marathon are officially recognized by IPC Athletics.
※ The certificate will be mailed only to the runner who finishes before the time limit. The runner who finishes after the limit will not receive the certificate.
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy The organizer, in recognition of the importance of protecting personal information, abides by all laws and ordinances concerning the protection of personal information and adheres to the organizer’ personal information protection policy when handling personal information.
The organizer may use personal information for the purposes of delivering better service to the participants. Information may be used in connection with the preparation and delivery of the race guide, results notifications, notifications of other relevant information, and the delivery of services by event sponsors, support organizations and their affiliates, in addition to results (rankings) announcements.
The organizer or its representatives may contact participants to confirm information stated in their application forms.

① The organizer will deliver runners’ baggage from the starting area to the finishing area. (Please notice that there is a size limit for checked-in baggage.) The arrival of baggage may be delayed due to traffic conditions.

② The organizer will provide transportation from the finishing area to the starting area.

③ For any matters regarding the event other than the aforementioned terms and conditions, please comply with instructions given by the organizer.

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