Exclusive designed Tiffany’s necklace will be presented to finishers.

Nagoya Women’s Marathon is well known for …Tiffany’s Necklace!
Popular as it is from the very first marathon, all finishers of Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2017 will receive exclusively designed Tiffany’s necklace. 

Finishing gate is not the final goal of Nagoya Women’s Marathon. After runner passes through the clock gate, there waits another goal gate colored in Tiffany blue. One by one, men in tuxedo hands out Tiffany’s blue box at the gate, big climax assures your smile.
The picture shown is the necklace from the year 2017.

Menard cosmetics for all participants & finishers!

Cosmetic sets that condition runners’ skin will be awarded to all participants and finishers by Menard. 
Menard Completion Award

※Products included in the set may be subject to change.
※The pictures above are from 2017.

Finisher and charity T-shirt.

A finisher T-shirt will be given to each runner who has crossed the finish line.
Originally designed Finisher T-shirt.
Originally designed Charity T-shirt.
※The designs of the shirts may be subject to change.
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