Event Name
Event Name Nagoya Women’s Wheelchair Marathon 2023
Organizers Aichi Prefecture, The Chunichi Shimbun
Co-Organizers Nagoya City, Nagoya City Education and Sports Association
Supporting Organizations
Supporting Organizations Japan Association of Athletics Federations (JAAF), Japanese Para Sports Association, Japan Para Athletics, Aichi Sports Leader Association for the Disabled, Tokai Gakuen University, Nihon Fukushi University (Provisional)
Managing Organization
Managing Organization The Aichi Association of Athletics
Sponsors Gold Sponsor: NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD.
Silver Sponsor: New Balance Japan, Inc.
Event Women’s 10 km Race
Schedule Sunday, March 12, 2023, Starting at 9:00 a.m.
(Ten minutes before the start of the Nagoya Women’s Marathon)
Course From VANTELIN DOME NAGOYA to Myoon-dori
Number of Participants
Number of Participants A limited number of athletes
Time limit
Time limit

45 minutes
*The time limit will be based on the starting gun.
*Course closure times will be set for traffic, security, and competition management purposes. Additionally, athletes must drop out of the competition if they are extremely behind in the race at any point other than the designated course closure points.

【Course Closure Times】(Provisional)

Course Closure Point Distance from Start Time Limit
Ookute Intersection 3.0km 9:13
Mizuho Ward Office Intersection 6.4km 9:26
Myoon-dori 3 Intersection 8.6km 9:35
Myoon-dori (Finish) 10.0km 9:45
Entry Fee
Entry Fee


*Participants are responsible for other costs including transportation and accommodation.


(1) Female athletes who are invited by the organizers in accordance with the standards specified separately.

(2) Female athletes who are capable of completing a 10 km race within 40 minutes in a racing wheelchair.
- Japanese athletes: Wheelchair users who hold a physical disability certificate and are approved by the organizers.
- Foreign athletes: Wheelchair users who are approved by the organizers.

*Participants will be selected by the organizers among the applicants.

Regulation The race will be conducted in accordance with the FY2022 JAAF Rules and Regulations and the race instructions of this race.
Entry Application and Period
Entry Application and Period

(1) Procedure
Fill in the application form and send it along with a qualification record certificate to the following email address.

【Send your application to】
Contact for Nagoya Women’s Wheelchair Marathon
Marathon Festival Nagoya Aichi Organizing Committee Administrative Office

(2) Application Period
Monday, August 1, 2022 – Wednesday, November 30, 2022

(3) Determination of Participants
All applicants will be notified of their selection results by email in early December (schedule may be subject to change).

Number Pickup
Number Pickup Athlete bibs, etc. will be distributed on Saturday, March 11, 2023.
*Pickup is not available on race day (March 12).
*Details will be provided later by email.
Awards Top 3 Finishers and Special Award
(Awarding Ceremony Venue: VANTELIN DOME NAGOYA)
*Awards will be given for the gross time based on the starting gun.
Record Certificate
Record Certificate A record certificate will be sent to every finisher at a later date. The certificate will include a gross time from the starting gun, a net time from the actual time when the athlete has crossed the start line, and split times taken at every 5 km checkpoint.
*Results of this race will not be recognized as World Para Athletics official records.
*Certificates will be issued only to finishers who have finished the race before the time limit and not to those who have finished after the time limit.
Personal Information
Personal Information The organizers recognize the importance of personal information and will comply with the act on the protection of personal information and related laws and regulations and handle personal information in accordance with the organizers’ policy on personal information protection. Obtained personal information will be used for the race’s qualification screening, program organization and creation, press releases, official website, and other communication necessary for the event management, and may be published in media such as television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet.

(1) Take every possible means to ensure your physical condition for race participation, including sufficient training and a medical examination prior to the race day. If there is a possibility that you have a disease, please consult with your doctor before participating.

(2) The organizers will transport participants' baggage from the start point to the finish point. (Note that there will be a limit to the size of baggage to be transported). The arrival of baggage may be delayed due to traffic conditions, etc.

(3) After the competition, the organizers will provide transportation from the finish venue to the start venue.

(4) Wearing or displaying any design or trademark that represents a company, product, etc. in the event site (including the race course) for an advertising purpose is not permitted. Making assertions or advertising with banners, signs, etc. is not permitted.

(5) In addition to the above, follow instructions given by the organizers with respect to any matters regarding the event.

Terms of application
Terms of application
(Participants must agree to the following Terms of Application before applying to this race.)
*Please make sure to check the details of the “Important: Infection Countermeasures against COVID-19” section within these guidelines.

(1) False declaration of age, gender, or records, or participation by anyone other than the registered applicants themselves (foul participation) is prohibited. An individual or group that is discovered to have committed foul participation will be disqualified and may be banned from future events.

(2) The organizers will not be responsible for participants’ late arrival due to delays of public transportation or traffic conditions.

(3) The organizers hold the portrait rights and the rights to publish the event’s images, pictures, articles, records, location information, applicants’ names, ages, birth dates, and addresses (name of country and prefecture or city/ward/town/village) in television, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet.

(4) In case of injury or illness during the event, the organizers will provide first-aid to her and, if necessary, emergency transportation. In such cases, the organizers will provide the participant’s name, address, contact information, and medical history to medical institutions and emergency responders. Participants shall be deemed to have agreed that the organizers may request the hospital to which the participant has been transported to disclose her medical information.

(5) The organizers will not be responsible for any injury, sickness, loss of personal belongings, or accident during the event in any way beyond the provision of emergency first-aid relief unless such incident has been caused by the organizers’ intentional act or gross negligence.

(6) The organizers will handle the personal information of participants in accordance with the laws and regulations related to personal information protection. Participants shall be deemed to have agreed that the obtained personal information may be used for participation guidance, notification of records and other related information, and provision of service from event sponsors, supporters, and concerned organizations, etc. in order to provide better services to participants.

(7) This event will be conducted in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations of Japan.

(8) In addition to the above Terms of Application, the event will be conducted in accordance with the race instructions set forth separately by the organizers.

Important: Infection Countermeasures against COVID-19

Please carefully read and understand the following before applying.

(1)Infection countermeasures in place at the Marathon
The Marathon will devise and put in place infection countermeasures (submission of health check sheet records, infection testing, temperature checks on the day of the event, etc.) as appropriate, with reference to the precautions against infectious diseases issued by the government, the Japan Sports Agency, Japan Association of Athletics Federations and the Japan Para Athletics. Runners with elevated body temperature or who do not meet the Marathon’s participation criteria may be refused admission to the venue or participation in the race. 
*As soon as they are formulated, specific participation criteria will be announced on the official website.

(2)Participation requirements
If runners do not comply with the infection control measures required by the event, such as wearing a mask, disinfecting hands, and other requests in regard to behavior, they may not be permitted to take part. 

(3)Handling of personal information
With a view to preventing the spread of COVID-19, and only when a government agency requests us to submit personal information, personal information may be provided to that government agency as deemed appropriate.
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